Eating and Drinking Your Way through Paris, France



It’s pretty obvious that Paris is foodie-heaven. From French delights to falafels, Paris has it all! Understanding that everything that follows here is based on personal experience and preference from the taste buds of a tourist, here are my recommendations for where to eat, drink and indulge in Paris, France.

Where to Eat

Our favourite meal in Paris happened at Robert et Louise. Their wine list was perfection, and the steak, cooked on an open fire in the restaurant, was some of the best I’ve had in my life. After over four hours of eating, drinking, and having the best time ever, we rolled out and somehow found our way back to our hotel. I can’t recommend this place enough. 


Other places to enjoy a great French meal in the evening are Frenchie RestaurantLe BaravLe Petit ChâteletLe ComptoirL’Ami Jean and Le Petit Clerc. For the classic Parisian cafe experience, check out Cafe Les Deux MagotsCafe de Flore or Cafe Bonaparte. We enjoyed Les Deux Magots, but word of warning, these cafe’s are popular with visitors and can be quite overpriced. 


It’s also not a visit to Paris without indulging in some serious cheese and baguette sessions. My recommendation – pick up a baguette, and some fresh cheese of your choice from a fromagerie, and head to the nearest park to relax and indulge picnic-style, and don’t forget the wine! My top picks in which to find the good stuff are La Maison du ChouFromagerie BeaufilsDu pain et des IdeesLa ParisienneLaurent DuboisMaison KayserMarie-Anne Cantin, and Barthelemy. For a picnic in the 18th arrondissement at the base of La Basilique du Sacré Cœur de Montmartre, plan to pick up supplies at Chez Virginie and Le Grenier a Pain

Breakfast and, more importantly, brunch, is becoming an important pastime in Paris. Wonderful breakfast and brunch spots include Cafe CharlotMerciCaretteLadureeBuvette GastrothèqueLes Chambre aux Oiseaux and Holybelly

To mix things up, also make time (and room!) for a falafel from L’As du Fallafel or Mi-Va-Mi

Where to Drink

French wine is perfection, and there are lots of places in Paris to enjoy it. Win bars like Varjus Bar a VuisLe Verre Volé and Bar à vin A.T have got it right, and any French restaurant you go to should also have a wonderful selection to choose from.

The French also love happy hour, and have adopted the Italian favourite – the Aperol Spritz. Find any cafe around 4pm or so with a great patio and go nuts!


I have never been one to love hot chocolate, but after trying it at Angelina, I’m converted.   The version they serve is the real deal – it’s actually hot, melty chocolate in a mug. Seriously delicious. 

Where to Indulge

If you have a sweet tooth, like me, the selection of treats and goodies in Paris will overwhelm you! My top pick on where to indulge is the ice-cream shop Berthillon. Now, you can get Berthillion ice-cream at various locations throughout Paris, and even in some restaurants, but the best experience comes from getting it at it’s original hole-in-the-wall location on the Île Saint-Louis. Grab a cone, and stroll the banks of the island taking it all in. It’s a heavenly experience.

Honourable mentions go to Odette for their incredible creme puffs, and Laduree or Pierre Herme for macarons.


Since I whole-heartedly plan to return to Paris someday, I would also love your personal recommendations for where to eat and drink in Paris. Please share if you like!

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