My guide to the best breakfast in the Junction neighbourhood of Toronto

I love breakfast. Lucky for me, the Junction neighbourhood where I live in Toronto offers amazing breakfast and brunch options. After many years of indulging at all the local spots, here are my thoughts on the best breakfast & brunch in the Junction:

But first… coffee

I may be biased, but I think the Junction houses some of the best coffee shops in Toronto. My favourite place for coffee and a pastry is a tie between The Good Neighbour Espresso Bar and Crema Coffee Company. The Good Neighbour has the best vibe and pumps out yummy lates and baked goods, including doughnuts from Dipped Donuts. Crema Coffee makes the best cappuccino I’ve ever had in my life (thanks to the locally roasted Propeller Coffee beans they use!) and offers amazing scones and doughnuts from Glory Hole Doughnuts.

Honourable Junction coffee mentions go to Full Stop, Kaffebar, Cool Hand of a Girl and Wilder.

Breakfast & brunch

Surprisingly enough, my favourite breakfast item in the Junction doesn’t come from a ‘restaurant’ location. It’s that good people! My favourite breakfast comes from When The Pig Came Home delicatessen in the form of the ‘peameal on a bun’ breakfast sandwich (be sure to upgrade to the Fully Loaded Original!) I’m telling you… it is incredible! Anything this place pumps out is top notch, but the peameal sandwich with a gooey egg is like what I assume eating heaven would taste like. I’m actually drooling while thinking about it. There are a few seats in the place, but we typically get our sandwiches to takeaway.

When The Pig Came Home

When the pig came home

The best place for a delicious sit down brunch in the Junction ties between the much-loved Farmhouse Tavern (technically Farmhouse Tavern is located in the Junction Triangle, but I’m including it here because it’s really not far and it’s so wonderful) and a pub called The Hole in the Wall. Farmhouse is perfect for delicious eggs benny or brunch burgers, while Hole In The Wall will serve you scrumptious chicken & waffles or a full English breakfast (complete with black pudding!) that will cure your hunger and your hangover. And both places offer yummy, boozy brunch cocktails! If you’re interested, I wrote a post about Farmhouse here.

Farmhouse Tavern

Farmhouse Tavern

Eggs Benny at Farmhouse Tavern

Eggs Benny at Farmhouse Tavern

Farmhouse Tavern

Farmhouse Tavern

The full English Breakfast from The Hole in the Wall

The full English Breakfast from The Hole in the Wall

If a healthy breakfast is what you’re after, look no further than Wilder. Their smoothie bowls are instagram-worthy and delicious! Wilder is also a great place to kick back and do a little work over multiple cups of coffee.

Smoothie Bowl from Wilder

Smoothie Bowl from Wilder

Honourable Junction breakfast and brunch mentions go to Dirty Food TO, Annette Food Market, Stadt CafeGrasshopper (Vegan!), The BeetCool Hand of a Girl and Roux.

What are your favourite spots for breakfast or brunch in the Junction?


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