My favourite… creme puff in Paris, France

Everywhere you walk in Paris there are beautiful shops with incredibly delicious-looking sweets and desserts lining the windows. The most famous dessert in Paris has to be the macaron, and of course, where else to get one (or six!) but at Maison Laduree?! For me though, the macaron comes in second place after the scrumptious little Parisian creme puff.

My favourite creme puff in Paris comes from a little shop called Odette. There are two different locations in Paris. The best location is in the 5th arrondissement or Latin Quarter, across the street and around the corner from the Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris. I’m a firm believer that if you are enjoying something truly special in truly special surroundings, then everything just tastes, and is, better. Sitting on a park bench, marvelling at the Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris, while enjoying a variety of creme puff’s from nearby Odette is pure Parisian magic.


  • Obviously don’t buy just one – buy like… at least six!
  • Best flavour: Vanilla (Classic!)
  • Honourable mentions: Chocolate & Pistachio

It doesn’t get any more Paris than this!


Creme Puff Heaven

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