Walking The High Line in New York City

The High Line is an urban public park space built on a historic elevated freight rail line that weaves above the streets of Manhattan’s West Side. It starts at the base of Hell’s Kitchen, and runs through Chelsea to the Meatpacking District with varying on and off points along the way.
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The High Line is the perfect place to spend a Sunday morning, strolling along, jumping off for a tasty brunch, and discovering the new Whitney Museum of American Art, located at the Chelsea end of the rail line. We started our walk in Hells Kitchen and walked to the Whitney, but it doesn’t really matter which end you start at. As you walk along the line, you’ll find lovely places to sit and relax, areas to view different artwork, and little stands and pop-ups at which you can buy ice cream, delicious coffee, and merchandise.

The organization who created and who maintain The High Line did a beautiful job at keeping with the vibes of the old rail line as they built this public space. The views of the Hudson River and the neighbourhood of Chelsea from the various look out spots are unparalleled in the city. The High Line is quintessential New York, and it’s an absolute must-do! You’ll leave with severe apartment envy, and also feeling closer to, and a little more in love with, New York City.

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The High Line does close overnight, and hours vary depending on season and day of the week. Be sure to check when it opens and closes before you decide to check it out. The High Line is also free, so it’s a New York City experience that’s easy on your wallet too!


3 thoughts on “Walking The High Line in New York City

  1. Thanks for sharing this “little” gem @shaynasm! I’ve only been to New York twice but found the two experiences very different. I think by now I’ve done the “touristy” parts of NY and now am ready to explore the not so popular corners.

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  2. LOVE the highline! I find it fascinating how they had the vision to turn something so ugly and crime ridden as that old elevated train track into a beautiful elevated park! It has totally turned around the neighborhood!


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