My favourite… pizza slice in New York City

Everyone wants to find the perfect, New York City pizza slice when they’re visiting the Big Apple. It can be quite tough to find “the one” – that one pizza slice that wins above all the rest. We did a little research before our most recent visit, and managed to find what I believe to be the best pizza slice in New York.

My favourite pizza slice in New York City is a pepperoni or plain cheese slice from Joe’s Pizza on Carmine Street in Greenwich Village.

Joe’s certainly isn’t a secret. The pizzeria is an institution among New Yorkers, tourists and celebrities alike. But it’s true what they advertise – Joe’s Pizza serves up the best pizza in New York. Once you have your slice, make sure you fold it in half and eat it over a paper plate because well… that’s how it’s done. You can also take your slice(s) across the street and enjoy on a park bench with the pigeons and other pizza lovers in Father Demo Square. It’s cheese-y, tomato-y, dough-y delicious New York pizza in the perfect New York setting.



I’m telling you… embrace the grease. Just do it.

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